Oprah, Off The Hook

A young woman named Lucy Diamonds, a rapper, claims that she’s being persecuted by Oprah Winfrey. (The Transom sometimes feels that way as well!) Ms. Diamonds’ claim, as reported by Radar, is that Oprah even went so far as to squelch a distribution deal between the rapper and iTunes, because Ms. Winfrey was offended by such lyrics as “Yeah I got drunk and I finger-fucked Oprah.”

Now The Transom loves the image of Oprah Winfrey, world’s top-earning synergist, stomping on some lil’ 20-year-old gal over an allegation of digital manipulation, as it were.

But according to a published one-sided correspondence between Ms. Diamonds and Bill Bastone, the document-loving honcho of The Smoking Gun, and one of the best reporters in the biz, no such hubbub can be proved. Mr. Bastone wrote to Ms. Diamonds:

the purported letter from winfrey’s lawyer is a fabrication from you or “your team.” perhaps that’s how you think publicity will be generated. however, we spoke today with counsel at oprah’s production company and her outside law firm and both said they knew nothing about the letter. also, we spoke with marty singer’s office at lavely & singer and they, too, disowned any knowledge of the letter (and, i might add, were not pleased to hear that someone is trying to make it seem that he has authored a threatening cease and desist letter). perhaps this misguided action will eventually result in some real legal letters directed your way.

Oh, tarnation. Nothing like real reporting to mess up a good scandal.
—Choire Sicha Oprah, Off The Hook