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CBS Digital Media and CBS News today announced plans for a major expansion of, creating a 24-hour, multi-platform digital news network, bypassing cable television in favor of the nation’s fastest-growing distribution system — broadband.
Key elements of the new site will include:
The debut of “Public Eye,” a new blog that will create a candid and robust dialogue between CBS News journalists and the public — a move unprecedented among CBS’s peers in broadcast and cable television journalism. “Public Eye” will be edited by veteran reporter and media writer Vaughn Ververs, most recently editor of The Hotline, a daily Web briefing on politics published by the National Journal. Ververs will serve as the conduit between the public and CBS News to take viewers and users inside the news gathering, production and decision-making process via the use of original video and outtakes, interviews with correspondents and producers, and input from independent experts, among other methods. “Public Eye” will debut by late summer.

CBS Digital Media press release, July 12, 2005.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005, Posted by VV
9:00 am Okay, can I say something? I know we’re like covering this space shuttle launch like it’s sooooo interesting, but I find it’s so NOT! OMG, am I the only person who gets total MEGO when I read crap like this: Nail-Biting Time At Space Center?

Besides being all science-class boring, you gotta wonder WTF are we even DOING in space? The earth has tons of big problems and we spend millions–TENS of millions–in *space*? I have two words to say about that: WHAT EVER!
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Thursday, July 12, 2004 Posted by VV
4:30 pm You will not believe what just happened! I was just in the men’s room here at CBS headquarters (memo to staff: a courtesy flush would be nice!!) and as I was going in, Mike Wallace was at the urinal.

I’m not gonna be all gross and in your face and talk about that: this is CBS News’ blog, not some creepy celebrity potty stalker site, okay? BUT… I have to tell you this, you guys. Mike Wallace didn’t wash his hands with SOAP!

I KNOW! He just sort of ran his hands under the tap for a second and then shook them dry! Ewwwww. So, if you meet Mike, I would exercise some caution when shaking his hand, alright? He can’t take 30 seconds out his 60 Minutes to use some soap? (LOL! Get it?)

Oh, and tonight CBS News has an important report on the alleged London Bombers.
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Thursday, July 12, 2004 Posted by VV
9:00 am Testing. Hello? Is this blog on? Well, hello, cyberspace! You are about to witness a truly unique step in the evolution of journalism. CBS News will be running a blog to chronicle our news creation in realtime. (Look for a story in The New York Times.)

What you can expect from this blog: hard-hitting, behind the scenes reports, deeper, richer context, and amazing insight about how the stories that shape our lives are shaped. We take this blog very seriously and we’re excited about this new venture: We hope you are, too.
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