Political Roundup

In declining order of importance:

-The web is abuzz with rumors that Rehnquist will retire momentarily.

-Harry Reid is unenthusiastic about Clinton ’08:

“It is a wide-open field,” Reid said. “The person who is leading at this stage is Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, of course, has lots of money. She comes from a state with lots of people in it, but she still has a few ties to Arkansas. I think she is the person to beat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she is the best candidate.” (via Slant Point)

-Tom Golisano”thinks every day of the week” about running for governor, maybe as a Republican; but he’s not sure if the Republicans would have him.

-And Andrew Cuomo’s fund-raiser at the Regency last night was packed, according to one person who was there. The candidate for state Attorney General picked up more preposterously early endorsements, these from Jose Rivera of the Bronx and Margarita Lopez of Manhattan. Political Roundup