Preening Pols

Tonight marks a milestone for mayoral debate this season: time for the first televised rumble, and also the first bipartisan one. The games will begin at 8 p.m., and NY1 will broadcast the whole fracas live from Medgar Evers College.

Tom Ognibene will be the Republicans’ lone standard-bearer, since Mayor Mike doesn’t plan to attend.

“If [Bloomberg’s] going to refuse to participate in the Campaign Finance system and limit his spending, the least he can do is join with the other candidates in a debate,” says State Dem Chairman Denny Farrell. “What’s he so afraid of?”

Ben and I worry that the Politicker’s Ten Most Beautiful People In City Politics feature may already be scaring pols off the small screen. Note to Bloomberg: the hair and makeup team over at NY1 is excellent. And you’re gorgeous, dahling. Preening Pols