Royal Cockups In Monaco

The Transom has always loved the royal family of Monaco because, of all the royal lines, it most resembles families to which we are accustomed. Children out of wedlock? Grandma was a North African laundry worker? With the Grimaldis, it all sounds terribly, trailer-park familiar to The Transom…

After this week’s confirmation of this spring’s story that Prince Albert II has had a child with a flight attendant—Air France, naturally, for they are the hottest—The Transom thought it might just call up His Princeness and ask a few questions.

The Transom, in fact, has the phone number of the lawyer for His Serene Highness. But we don’t quite know what to ask—besides, of course, if perhaps any of those other children who look rather like him might in fact be his as well. Or, you know, if His Monaco-ness might be willing to cut us in on the family fortune. Any suggestions are appreciated.
—Choire Sicha Royal Cockups In Monaco