Rudy’s Fees

Rudy Giuliani faced criticism a few months ago after the Observer reported that he’d taken a large speaking fee at a fundraiser for tsunami victims in South Carolina.

Now he’s hit a similar bump, this time in London. The Independent reported recently:

“The former Mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, was quick to offer tea and sympathy to Londoners, having been within hearing range of Liverpool Street during the recent terror attacks on our capital.’I think every New Yorker would join me in saying we feel we very much understand what you are going through,’ Giuliani, right, told a press conference.’This is a difficult time, but the people of London have responded in exactly the right way.’

“Heartfelt as Giuliani’s words were, they do not always come for free.

“For I gather that he was actually in town on a lucrative speaking engagement at the Local Government Association’s annual conference. Sources at the LGA report that he was paid a ‘staggering’ sum ” said to be something in the region of £50,000 ” for a speech on the eve of the bombing on ‘leadership in local government’.

“The size of the fee has already caused rumblings of discontent at the organisation, which recently decided to rein in spending and axed the Employers’ Organisation in order to get more ‘bang for buck’.”

(via Rudy’s Fees