The Bloomberg Bounce

Various theories of have surfaced to explain Mayor Bloomberg’s recent renaissance in the polls and among voters. The death of the stadium as an issue, the weakness of the Democratic field, falling crime, whatever.

And then there’s a cruder one: Television.

One reader with a profound faith in paid media took a look at the recent Q-Polls, and noted this:

Bloomberg went on the air May 17-18 (Spanish, then English).

Job Approval Ratings
May 11: 47-41
May 17-18: Ad Launch
June 22: 55-36
July 19: 60-30

“Obviously, a lot of external events have happened since May 17-18, but I think the question is whether there is anything that a reasonable observer could point to that would give him not only the bounce, but also the sustained growth,” the reader writes. “It ain’t rocket science.” The Bloomberg Bounce