The Casey Problem

Naral-NY, the abortion-rights group, is about to endorse Mike Bloomberg.

Freddy, receiving an endorsement at City Hall from Councilwoman Letitia James a little while ago, was asked about this, and pointed out that Bloomberg supported President Bush and has given money to anti-abortion Senators.

Ferrer said Bloomberg “can’t have it both ways,” supporting abortion rights personally while throwing his money and prestige behind anti-abortion pols.

But Chuck Schumer has recently complicated this argument for Democrats around the country, but particularly here in New York, by putting the weight of the Democratic Party behind Robert Casey Jr., the strongest candidate against Rick Santorum, and also anti-abortion.

Can Chuck have it both ways?

“Ask Senator Schumer,” Ferrer said.

(Incidentally, at the press conference, we also learned from James that “most of the women who vote in my district are women.” Just so that’s clear.) The Casey Problem