Today’s Paper: We Knew Murray Hill Sounded Suspicious

The Transom has forgotten to direct your attention to items of interest in today’s paper:

Tom Wolfe, in remembering Nan Kempner in today’s Transom, said: “She loved to say that she was the basis of my creature in The Bonfire of the Vanities known as the ‘social X-ray.’ In fact, she wasn’t. But she loved that so much that I was more than willing to cede it to her.”

This The Transom did not know.

Following our fond recollections of Ms. Kempner is a monstrous report from the 4th of July festivities in and around the Hamptons. It features a few of our newest obsessions, who may become recurring characters. But please don’t miss the moment in which a Mr. Spielberg orders a tome from Book Hampton.

Elsewhere in the paper: Lizzy Ratner welcomes us all to Murray Hell, the Manhattan retirement community for the 20-something college graduate. The Transom has actually never set foot in this neighborhood, and it is sickened to hear about these goings-on. Elsewhere, Jennifer Weiner caps on some chick writers. And Jon Stewart has stopped showing his 4-million-dollar West Village home. It is not, unfortunately, because he is letting The Transom snuggle with him all day long.
—Choire Sicha

Today’s Paper: We Knew Murray Hill Sounded Suspicious