Travels With Howard

And speaking of Gifford, the Speaker’s former spokesman Fred Baldassaro has resurfaced as DNC Chairman Howard Dean’s trip director. And, as you’d expect from a Democratic Party run by Dean, Fred’s blogging on the side.

Here’s an entry from Philadelphia last week:

“The Gov. and I spent a total of five hours sitting at B13 waiting for our flight to New Orleans to take off. You know you’re at an airport too long when airline workers at the check-in counter are calling you by your first name.

“Undaunted, we carried on. We read the papers, the Governor made phone calls, we chatted with folks at the gate. A nice guy bought the Gov. a smoothie. The flight at the gate next to us — the flight to Burlington, VT. — was also cancelled, so we had some admirers who recognized the Gov. instantly. I even met a pilot who taught me all about how planes stay in the air without colliding with one another.”

Ah, the glamour of politics.

Travels With Howard