Two Bucks on Liz Smith to Show

A public-relations firm writes:

“We are currently putting to together an event that would benefit a nationally respected prostate cancer awareness charity. We are looking for reporters who would be interested in participating in the first ever ‘Reporters Race.’ The event would take place at a local harness race track. Participating reporters would spend a day at the raceway; in the morning, reporters would be given lessons on how to ride/drive a harness , then have a specially prepared lunch and then later, compete against each other in the first ever ‘Reporters Race.’ A number of reporters have already agreed to join in; currently we are looking to fill the remaining 4 spots. A portion of the proceeds from the race would donated to the cancer charity. The race also serves to generate awareness of a disease that affects one in six men. Please contact me immediately if you are interested in riding that day for this very worthy cause. The event will take place in the next 2 weeks or so, date will be scheduled to accommodate those participating.”

Lasix prescriptions available on request. Two Bucks on Liz Smith to Show