Ubiquity Watch

There should be some prize for political consultant ubiquity.

And if there were, one reader notes, PR man and former Koch spokesman George Arzt would have picked it up on Saturday, when he was quote twice on the same page of the Metro Section.

He gets extra credit, of course, for putting two opposing spins on the same topic, political money, in his two quotes:

On the Mayor’s race:
“The Democrats obviously need money to at least be competitive with Bloomberg – this is not a terribly good showing,” said George Arzt, a Democratic political consultant. “They’ll need to pick up very soon. It’s very difficult to raise money against a mayor who many think is going to win.'”

On the Manhattan District Attorney’s race:
“Does it matter that she has raised more money?” asked George Arzt, a spokesman for Mr. Morgenthau’s campaign. “Not really. It doesn’t matter because Bob Morgenthau is so well known and his record is well known. And, the truth of the matter is that a lot of her money comes from her law firm.”

Ubiquity Watch