What Would Donald Do?

Former Apprentice contestant David Gould is on a one-man crusade to stop construction at Ian Schrager’s much-touted 50 Gramercy Park North at Gramercy Park Hotel.

Plans are currently underway to build 23 luxurious condos, with a wealth of amenities.

In 2001, Mr. Gould—a trained physician who now works in health care private equity—moved next door into 4 Lexington Avenue, originally the Russell Sage Foundation. He gut-renovated two units, which were later combined. In addition, Mr. Gould had one of only a few terraces in the building, and greatly enjoyed his view.

“I look directly at the hyphen of the Gramercy Park Hotel, above which is a whole lot of air and sunlight,” said Mr. Gould. “And you can even see the top of the buildings across the park.”
But then came the jackhammers, and the unpleasant news that his precious view might vanish.
“It wasn’t until recently that we realized that middle section was going to be built way, way up.”
So, Mr. Gould began researching, and found a 1929 agreement buried in the footnote of a Landmarks report.

“In 1929, when the annex to our building was being built, around the same time an addition to the Gramercy Park Hotel was being built,” said Mr. Gould, “there was an agreement made between the two buildings, basically protecting that air space between the middle connecting section.”

However, that agreement, which appears to have been only valid until 1953, was no smoking gun. Regardless, Mr. Gould began delivering documents to his co-op board, who had no idea that any agreement once existed between the two buildings.

Representatives from 50 Gramercy Park North have not yet responded to these claims.
So, does the same guy who wanted to follow in Mr. Trump’s footsteps, have second thoughts about development?

“I’m not anti-progress or anything like that, it’s just that the building of this middle section will take away from existing air space, sunlight, and air flow, and certainly violates the spirit of the old agreement, if not the letter or the old agreement,” said Mr. Gould.

Meanwhile, the luxurious residence continues skyward.

-Michael Calderone What Would Donald Do?