A Hamptons Story With No Paris Hilton, No Jason Binn, and No Table-Dancing

“That’s cool Harry, right there,” yelled Doug Platt from the sidelines. Mr. Platt is a button distributor from Manhattan; his son Harry, properly Harrison, is six years old. And Harry looked nervous.

Larry Brown, the new coach of the New York Knicks, pulled a stern face and signaled for Harry to do his lay-up. “Go Harry! Hoooooo!” yelled dad. The ball, somewhat miraculously, went through the hoop.

More than 200 kids showed up for the basketball clinic in Southampton on Saturday. Mr. Brown, who has reportedly signed the richest coaching contract in NBA history, to the tune of more than $50 million over 10 years, donated approximately $31,000 worth of his time for the clinic.

Also-shows were Knicks front office man and former NBA great Isiah Thomas and Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers. The charity: Hoops 4 Hope, a non-profit that sends shoes and uniforms to schoolchildren in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“So this is where all my $50 parking tickets go,” said a Daily News photographer; he marveled at the airplane hangar-sized area of the SYS Center in Southampton. Housewives jogged around the elevated track along the perimeter; a karate team waited quietly on nearby bleachers.

The coaches circulated among the three different courts leading drills, offering instruction, and leading chants: “1,2,3, Go Knicks!”

Not everyone was concentrating on basketball though. “Some shirts right here fellas, I only have ‘larges’ though,” hawked Jonathan Clarke, aka J’Crue, a DJ for Blaze 101.7. Several youngsters intent on scoring swag skipped out on the official Q&A to peruse the wares. “We’re Long Island’s first hip-hop and R&B station. So that is big,” said Mr. Clarke.

Next to Mr. Clarke sat two teenagers, Laura and Heather. They were handing out free samples of Fuze, a fruit drink, of sorts. Heather poured a shot of a mango drink into a paper cup. “Like, if you wanted to take this instead of a multivitamin, it would give you 100 percent of your daily vitamins and minerals” she said.

This week, Mr. Brown leaves for California. His own son is off to basketball camp, in fact; Michael Jordan’s, in Santa Barbara.
—Aaron Clark A Hamptons Story With No Paris Hilton, No Jason Binn, and No Table-Dancing