ACORN To Endorse Ferrer

ACORN, the many-hat-wearing, Brooklyn-based activist organization, will endorse Freddy Ferrer tomorrow, The Politicker has learned.

This is a boost for the Democrat, as the group seemed to have been flirting (to say the least — that picture is still on the newsrack in my local far-left coffee shop) with following various other traditional Democratic constituencies to Mike’s camp. ACORN is a movement organization, and will bring at least a hint of what Wayne Barrett finds so lacking in Freddy’s campaign.

What’s more, when it chooses, ACORN can also provide formidable logistical support, as it did for Mark Green in 2001.

But our source cautions that this endorsement may not be all it seems: “They specifically waited until late because they will not put teams out in the street.” ACORN To Endorse Ferrer