All Things to All People

Reporting on direct mail is hard, because it’s so easy to miss.

So far, however, there seem to be two thick, glossy Bloomberg pieces circulating under the heading, “Promises Made…Promises Kept.”

One features people with names like Fitzsimmons and Zucardo, and stars Rudy Giuliani. The other has the names Warmbier, Kaufman, Croce, Ianniello, and no Rudy.

Today’s Sun reports, “When asked whether the mailings were zoned for different racial or ethnic groups, [Bloomberg aide Bill] Cunningham said they targeted voters only by issue.”

First, on the targeting thing: Have any of our African-American readers received any mail from Mike? Know any black people who have?

Second, there are some interesting differences between the two pieces, which seem to be targeted — roughly — at white-ethnic-conservative Democrats and Manhattan-liberal Democrats, respectively.

The conservative piece talks about crime, education, quality of life, and business; the liberal piece about and crime, education, neighborhoods, and “investing city funds.”

There are fun little ideological contrasts throughout, but the most striking come around education.

To conservatives, the heading is “Demanding Higher Standards & Accountability,” and the first entry is “Brought standards into the classroom and implemented a citywide core curriculum.”

To liberals, it’s “Accountability in Our Schools,” and the first entry is “Increased City funds for our children’s education by $2.5 billion.”

That spending spree goes entirely unmentioned in the conservative piece, while the phrase “core curriculum” appears nowhere in the liberal one.

All Things to All People