Ann Curry’s Loud Renovations

AnnCurry2Today hostess Ann Curry is in trouble with the neighbors for renovations on her West 71st Street townhouse, Page Six reports today.

It’s folded into a report about turmoil at The Today Show.

But we were interested in what she’s actually doing to the place and–lo and behold!–it was erstwhile Manhattan Transfers reporter Gabriel Sherman who first reported Ms. Curry’s purchase.

She and her software-executive husband Brian Wilson bought the 6,000-square-foot place, built in 1894, for $2.9 million, but it was configured as apartments and Ms. Curry is remaking it into a single-family with a 600-square-foot roof terrace and a private rear garden.

“It’s a turn-of-the-century house with much of its original charm intact, but it needs tremendous T.L.C.,” Ms. Curry told Gabe in our Jan. 19, 2004 issue. “I can already see the making of a home for my family.”

But can she hear it? Ann Curry’s Loud Renovations