Best Comment Ever

This from the comments section beneath a recent post on the sudden spate of street construction around Freddy Ferrer’s home:

“A bunch of us ‘managerial appointees’ in DOT had fun ordering the tearing up of the pavement outside Vanity Fair’s offices back in ’96 or ’97 on the same day that its issue containing the article asserting that Rudy was sleeping with Cristyne hit the newsstands. We never told City Hall we were doing it, however, maintaining plausible deniability for the big boys downtown. I think that day we tore up the block where Graydon Carter lived, too. Both the magazine’s and Carter’s streets were due for repaving, and we just, er, pushed them up the priority list a little. I doubt Bloomie’s people have the same bal… um, chutzpah, frankly…”

News of the coming Vanity Fair story broke August 4, 1997. Can anybody over at DOT check this out for us? Best Comment Ever