Blog Roundup: Rudy and Freddy

A couple of blog observations worth repeating:

Over at Alarming News, Karol offers a reality check on Rudy and the blogosphere’s other 2008 darlings, Condi Rice and Wes Clark. It’s the usual story: too liberal, too many marriages. We’ll see.

And one of the died-in-the-wool liberals at the Daily Gotham is bummed by a couple of Freddy‘s ads on black radio:

“Frankly, I don’t care about his past and I don’t feel like I need to know about his hard-knock childhood. Seriously, this is a tired theme that was beat to its final death in the recent presidential campaign with John Edward’s 18 millionth mention of his father’s tough life as a millworker.” Blog Roundup: Rudy and Freddy