Bloomberg in Harlem

This in from Ben:

“One of the ways this Mayor’s race, and the changing city, is reshaping local politics is by suggesting the possibility of a swing vote among African-Americans, something that conventional wisdom has long held doesn’t exist. It’s not just that Mike is wooing the middle-class black voters of places like southeast Queens — long a target for more conservative Democrats.

“He’s also looking at Harlem’s swelling professional class. That explains his presence several months ago at the home of Bill Clinton aide Clyde Williams, and it helps explain his surprise visit yesterday to the Harlem Family Barbeque yesterday, a gathering hosted by the well-connected, younger set of Harlem political operatives. (They include Bloomberg aide Terence Tolbert, along with some who aren’t exactly on the Bloomberg Bandwagon.)

“‘He ate, took pictures and said hello to the neighbors on the block. He was
really well received. I think we’re all voting for him (lol),’ writes one of the event’s several hosts.” Bloomberg in Harlem