Bob Barr, Liberal Hero

Remember back when former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr, a Clinton impeachment leader, became a darling of the left for working with the ACLU to fight the Patriot Act?

Well, before his new friends get too excited, it’s worth noting that Barr is back on the Black Helicopter juice, as expressed in an email over his name from the anti-Hillary group Stop Her Now:

“I know the real Hillary. She is as ambitious and intelligent as she is ruthless and determined. What she lacks in charm and empathy, she makes up for with cunning and strategy. But she has to be stopped,” Barr writes. “Her radical left-wing agenda would destroy our nation’s economy, ruin our health care system and turn our national security over to the America-hating socialist bureaucrats at the United Nations.”

It’s been far too long since anyone alerted The Politicker to the dangers from America-hating socialist bureaucrats. Bob Barr, Liberal Hero