Cuomo Smacked Upstate

Ah. A break from Pirro coverage.

One of the other offices Jeanine Pirro could have run for (finally) gets some attention, thanks to Andrew Cuomo, who spoke to seniors in Syracuse. A newspaper there editorializes:

“Cuomo also called on his audience to contact Rep. James Walsh and Sens. Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton and urge them to oppose the Bush plan [to eliminate Community Development Block Grants].

“In fact, Cuomo had to know that Walsh has publicly stated he is against the Bush proposal, and that Schumer and Clinton were among a majority of senators who signed a letter to Bush opposing the plan. So why urge people to waste their time?

What does CDBG have to do with the state attorney general’s office, anyway?”

Cuomo Smacked Upstate