Eliot Goes Consultant Shopping

David Axelrod, the Chicago-based media consultant who worked for John Edwards, Ferrer in 2001, and Eliot Spitzer, may not return as Spitzer’s adman next year.

The Politicker is told that Spitzer’s campaign is now shopping around for a new media consultant, though they’re also still talking to Axelrod as well.

No word on the reason for considering a change, though the departure of Axelrod from Freddy’s campaign — whose key players at 895 Broadway (!)overlap with Spitzer’s — might have something to do with it.

Axelrod tells The Politicker that others may be pitching Eliot, but that we shouldn’t make too much of the rumor:

“I was with Eliot two weeks ago and we had a very good discussion,” he said. “I think Eliot is a smart consumer and he’s going to want the best deal he can get for this work, but every indication I have is positive.”

Eliot Goes Consultant Shopping