Flushing Out the Jets

City Councilman John Liu, the unchallenged winner of The Observer’s internal and informal Spamming in the Public Service Award, offered a statement on the way out of his meeting with the Jets to discuss terms for their move to Flushing Meadows that makes us think Queens may just be enjoying its place at the bargaining table right now:

“It would be great for the Jets to come home to Queens. Today is just the beginning of the conversation to bring them back. The company must be serious and sincere in their proposal and follow-up. As much as we may love the Jets, the people of Queens are not going to give the store away. The plan must not just be about a place for the Jets to play; it must include park enhancements, public recreational amenities, and investments in transit infrastructure.”

“It’s not just about the Jets, it’s about the people of Queens.”

– Tom McGeveran Flushing Out the Jets