Get Rich Quick?

Despite all the bubble-talk, diving into real estate might not be the best move for would-be brokers,according to Slate. While New York Magazine warned a few weeks ago about broker glut, The Times reported this weekend about the phenomenon on Long Island where you can get certified in only a week (and without too strenuous requirements). “I don’t understand what the teacher says,” Ms. Franco said of the English-speaking real estate course instructor. “Nothing, nothing, nothing.” Good news: she passed.

Today, The Times David Dunlap reports on the Ground Zero memorial that, like the forgotten middle child, has been neglected with heated debates over the Drawing Center and International Freedom Center.

Billionaire Ron Perelman might have a massive new neighbor, a 60-foot-wide mansion, combined from two buildings, according to Page Six. The price: $40 million.

With sleek Apple stores popping up all over, Microsoft wants to get in on the retail game. According to The Post, the are eyeing space on Times Square.

-Michael Calderone

Get Rich Quick?