GOP Rift?

When you have as much power as the American Republican Party, all strategy has a touch of palace intrigue. Just look at how Pirro has traded on hints of hints of support from Karl Rove.

And one Republican correspondent notes that the early hiring choices by Pirro, Weld, and Cox seem to reflect a possible divide between the New York insiders, led by Pirro advisor Kieran Mahoney, and the Bush insiders.

Weld, apparently, has signed up media man Russ Schriefer and lawyer Ben Ginsberg, both Bush family associates; Cox is using pollster Fred Steeper, an old Bush hand, and Ginsberg.

“In other words, the Bush boys are poised to challenge Kieran and Arthur,” our corresondent writes of Pirro advisor Kieran Mahoney and his longtime collaborator Arthur Finkelstein.

But today, Pirro has made her own insider hire: Charles Black as a “senior campaign advisor.”

“In addition, Pirro will bring in Mark Miller to serve as senior advisor and manager of all fundraising and Chris Mottola to handle television advertising,” the press release says. GOP Rift?