Hillary’s Unhappy Ghost

The Montana writer Walter Kirn, guest-blogging on Andrew Sullivan’s site today, drops this in passing:

“I do have some insight into Hillary and it makes me dislike her. A couple of years ago I had an office over a clothing store in my small town and the woman in the office next door was ghostwriting Hillary’s memoir, of all things. She started out all excited and impressed. Hillary’s so ‘down to earth’ and so on. (She took an immediate dislike to Bill, who struck her as a narcissistic snake.)

“Then she went to Washington. She was away for a long time, but on each occasion she came back to Montana I could see her spirit dimming. The problem, the woman said, was Hillary’s people, who were ghostwriting the ghostwriting, angling every anecdote for effect and literally rejiggering their heroine’s life. I was there in the woman’s house the day the book arrived and the first thing she did with her copy was angrily hurl it against a wall.

“Why? Because she’d discovered that there was no Hillary, really, just a creature concocted by her people who was happy to be a concoction of her people. Oddly, my friend, a deep-down liberal, considered Hillary a conservative, basically, with a lot of goody-goody suburban attitudes and pretty conventional good-government views. Another class president type, in other words.”

That Hillary’s memoir was ghosted is hardly a shocker; little more that it was scrubbed of character.

But if this is what it appears to be, it’s one of those rarer and rarer indiscretions out of Hillaryland. And a reminder of how little can be seen through the bubble in which Hillary has lived for a decade and a half.

Oh, and of the three women who get ghost-like credits in Living History, one, Maryanne Vollers, is described here as living in the same Montana town as Kirn. Hillary’s Unhappy Ghost