Hold Fast to Your Dreams

State and city comptrollers say no to the MTA’s plan to put a platform over its West Side rail yards, but suggest they mightbrightonbeach put the development project out to bid. That of course was what the MTA more-or-less
did this winter, but presumably, without the Jets stadium looming, new and deep-pocketed developers would feel freer to show up.

And the Jets haven’t disappeared. Today Jay Cross meets with Queens officials to discuss
the team’s plan to put a stadium in Flushing Meadows. They should have just listened to Anthony Weiner and saved themselves months of disappointment and millions of
dollars in lobbying and promotion.

The outer boroughs are perfectly nice, anyway. Which is why Steve Cuozzo asks, why
take the Jitney to the Hamptons when you can take the Q train to Brighton

– Matthew Schuerman Hold Fast to Your Dreams