Immature Magazines Borrow; Mature Magazines Pay Homage

Left, RADAR (via Gawker); Right, Esquire, April 1968.

Update: It turns out that the art director with the balls to rip off George Lois’ legendary Esquire cover was none other than… George Lois. (Very sneaky, RADAR!)

From a press release just received at Mob HQ:

Radar magazine’s Maer Roshan has brought legendary adman and cover designer genius George Lois out of retirement to design the issue’s September/October issue, on sale August 16th.
“Magazines don’t even try to do covers with actual ideas any more,” Lois says in the forthcoming issue of Radar. “I get calls from these big magazine conferences — always some big goddamn deal — and they’re always the same thing: ‘Could you come down, George, and make a speech about why all magazine covers suck?’ Screw that! Everybody knows that already! You can’t just slap a picture of Nicole Kidman on your cover and expect people to say, ‘Wow! What a cover!’ It’s just another picture of Nicole. Who gives a shit?”

–Matt Haber Immature Magazines Borrow; Mature Magazines Pay Homage