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: Noah Tepperberg, nightclub and marketing king, has turned 30. But is he actually growing up? Plus: that whooshing sound is the women of Manhattan scarfing up clothes, free and otherwise, for MTV’s Video Music Awards. And: Mayor Bloomberg plays a really shabby game of stickball.

George Gurley’s third couples therapy session turns self-reflexive and even a bit metaphysical. (Oh, who are we kidding, it’s a fabulous car crash.)

David Bradley, the mega-rich owner of The Atlantic is scouring the country for additions to his merry band of word-fiends.

Real estate queen Barbara Corcoran is off for the world of TV—and she has three reality show pitches under consideration. Eep!

Phoebe Eaton does Mayoral candidate Gifford Miller.

Simon Doonan embraces lard and apologizes to Shelley Winters.

The story of a woman and her first fur.

Also, The Transom has a confession to make: this edition of the paper is the late summer double issue, and therefore The Transom will be on vacation until Wednesday, August 31st. It intends to spend the week face down on a beach, attempting to read via osmosis with a book as a pillow. Until then, then!

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