In Today’s Observer

Jason Horowitz and I accost Jeanine Pirro around the corner from The Observer office, and we get an earful about her coming campaign to unseat Hillary. Primaries? Fuhgettaboudit!

Then Jason checks in on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s volunteer campaign corps, which may be the largest the city has ever seen. Critics and rivals wonder whether the 25,000 figure the mayor is floating is true…and how he’s been keeping them all in coffee.

Over in Wise Guys, E.J. Kessler chats with John Faso, the former State Assembly minority leader, and argues that, in the absence of a big banner name (like, say, Giuliani), Mr. Faso could be might be the most viable Republican candidate to run against Eliot Spitzer.

And Matthew Schuerman examines the decision that Governor Pataki must make before Sept. 11 rolls around again: whether to keep the controversial International Freedom Center at Ground Zero. In Today’s Observer