In Today’s Paper: A Meeting In The Ladies Room

Don’t miss today’s story on Elizabeth Redvers, a 15-year-old model-hopeful. It’s truly… wow.

Of course, last night the Observer broke the news about Rupert Murdoch installing himself as publisher of the NY Post.

And, in The Transom itself, the story of two dogs, one rich, one poor, and the assault that brought them together. Plus, the second item, on Citizens Band, explicates the new sincere downton cabaret.

The summer reading round-up is rather fantastic: Janet Malcolm is reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and Daniel Harris’ Diary of a Drag Queen. When asked what she liked about the books, she replied, “What’s not to like?” Ah, Ms. Malcolm, always the marvel of economy. And Nicholas Kristoff is reading… Harry Potter. And from Frank Gehry: “What makes you think I read?” Indeed.

Also: Thomas Krens takes his apartment off the market. What means this for the museum director’s Guggenheimlich future?

In Today’s Paper: A Meeting In The Ladies Room