In Today’s Transom: Homemade Bombs and the Trials of Art Collectors

chris hackett

All today’s Transom: Chris Hackett, a Brooklyn artist and a co-founder of the Madagascar Institute, has spent the weekend building a working suitcase bomb. Mr. Hackett, who is currently facing charges in Brooklyn for weapons possession from last year, when the police arrived at his home after one of his contraptions exploded, will put this bomb on view in an art exhibition that’ll open the week of September 11th. Read more…

john l. stewartAnd, who’s hunting art collector John L. Stewart? From today’s story:

Splashy full-color posters depicting a plain-looking, bespectacled man—but with airbrushed Beelzebub horns and a bling necklace—appeared in Chelsea’s art district and in the Hamptons this spring and summer. The poster itself asks a single question: “Have you seen This ‘Psychopath’ Art Collector Recently?” And an accompanying flier made defamatory accusations about the poster’s subject.

The man in the photograph is John L. Stewart. He’s a New York-based art dealer in his mid-50’s, known as a premiere collector of Russian artist Ilya Kabakov. Associates say that he’s a private man who loves his dog, hangs in the Hamptons… and is being sued by a former assistant.

Photos of the John Stewart poster and flier are by Eliot Shepard. Photo of Chris Hackett is courtesy the Madagascar Institute.

In Today’s Transom: Homemade Bombs and the Trials of Art Collectors