Jack Peter Goss

July 15, 2005

6:46 pm

8 pounds, 1 ounce

St. Luke’s–Roosevelt Hospital Center

“I didn’t want to live in the suburbs,” said Shannon Treusch Goss, a 35-year-old partner at the film publicity agency Falco Ink—and who can blame her? So when it came time to nest, she and husband Gerry Goss, 38, a bartender at the Playwright Tavern near Times Square, found a junior four-bedroom in quiet Hudson Heights. Married for two years, the couple is now sharing the apartment with their firstborn, who can’t stop smiling. “Once I realized I could have a baby and live in New York, I decided it was O.K. to have one,” said the formerly fancy-free Ms. Goss, who has been welcomed by a new-mommies circle in her cluster of buildings. “They’ve already found me!” And her old friends from downtown? “Dropping like flies,” she said, alluding to the strange contagiousness of the pregnant condition.

Jack Peter Goss