Jerry Pork Chop Della Femina

Why, hello there!

Real quickly, then on to the show. In today’s paper:

The Transom sits down with Jerry Della Femina and encourages him to run for office. Any office. Also: how’s it feel for Ramsey Clark to be ‘fired’ as Saddam Hussein’s lawyer?

Don’t miss Nina Roberts on the free sex doctor of the Upper West Side.

Lizzy Ratner gets under the skin of The Transom’s old acquaintance, former art writer Steven Vincent, the first U.S. journalist murdered in Iraq.

And of course, George Gurley’s couples therapy continues apace. The Transom shares an office with Mr. Gurley, in fact, and is considering asking for some equal time with Mr. Gurley’s good and patient doctor. Jerry Pork Chop Della Femina