Koch For Margarita…Almost

Ed Koch takes a step closer to endorsing Margarita, sort of.

According to The Villager:

” ‘I am not a Scientologist. I am Jewish,’ Koch said. ‘I may have some private thoughts on Scientology, but that would not affect who I endorse.’ ”

The Villager goes on to write: “The assumption among Villagers in the know was that former Mayor Ed Koch would also endorse Lopez if Bloomberg did.”

In other Koch-related news, Slant Point asks ‘How’m I doin?’

POSTDATE: Koch squashed this whole Margarita endorsement thing earlier, as several of you politely pointed out to me, in Monday’s New York Post: “I don’t know who I’m going to endorse, but it’s not going to be her.” Koch For Margarita…Almost