Lena Jane Gutman

July 15, 2005

11:19 p.m.

8 pounds

St. Luke’s–Roosevelt Hospital

No baby Beethoven for this kid! Ellen Umansky, 36, a funk-loving fiction writer and former features editor at The New York Sun, is playing bands like Outkast to her firstborn. “She likes their song about poop,” Ms. Umansky said, referring to “Roses.” “We say ‘poop’ instead of ‘shit’ now,” remarked her husband of four years, David Gutman, also 36, a psychiatrist in private practice who also works for Columbia Presbyterian. Named for Ms. Umansky’s maternal great-grandmother, Lena, and Mr. Gutman’s maternal grandmother, Catalina, little Lena has already developed a strong scream of dissent. “Language hasn’t kicked in at 3 weeks,” said Mom, “but when she wants to communicate something, she makes it apparent.”

Lena Jane Gutman