Mike Changes Channels

One Politicker reader with both eyes on the media market notes that Mayor Mike plans to lay low on television. For a short spell, at least.

The mayor, he writes, “has cut back his buy to only about 150 gross ratings point per week for the next 2 weeks. Unclear why, unless he is worried about over-saturation and wants to take a break before going heavy in the few weeks before the primary.”

What could this act of mercy mean? Surely less face time won’t help his chances to make the vaunted ranks of the Politicker’s Ten Most Beautiful People in City Politics.

(And yes, our jury is currently frolicking away amidst great piles of glamorous pol photographs, which are fluttering about the Observer newsroom like so much celebrity confetti. They are being prepared for your pleasure even as I type, in a delicate process that befits their loveliness.) Mike Changes Channels