More Matching Funds

A Politicker source writes in with the latest Campaign Finance Board numbers from the Manhattan BP race, which were announced earlier this hour. Here they are, complete with current total matchables:

Margarita Lopez
$382,239; total $382,239

Brian Ellner
$110,380; total $673,502 (maxed out)

Adriano Espaillat
$40,014; total $439,278

Stanley Michels
$32,118; total $266,950

Bill Perkins
$13,376; total $370,646

Carlos Manzano
$8,767; total $ 493,347

Scott Stringer
$3,654; total $673,502 (maxed out)

Eva Moskowitz
$380; total $593,017

[UPDATED: Keith Wright got $139,431 last time, but his new figures don’t seem to be out yet] More Matching Funds