Morgy Lives!

The main message of Bob Morgenthau‘s new television advertisement (QuickTime movie can be downloaded here) seems to be that the district attorney is very much alive. He’s pictured out on the streets, mixing it up with the voters, generally doing things that require a pulse. Which is part of why this is such an odd race: that may, literally, be all Morgenthau has to prove to win re-election.

The spot also follows the general campaign line of giving him credit for the drop in crime over the last 30 years. (Does this mean that he should have been tossed out of office when crime peaked in the early 1990s?)

And it leads with a quote that, though it may not please Jeanine Pirro, has to play rather well: “Bob Morgenthau is the best prosecutor in the nation.”

The speaker? Eliot Spitzer. Morgy Lives!