“Nice” in Iowa

Azi may have been poached by the Press, but he’s still a member of the Politicker family. Today he writes in with some presidential poll results, which shed light on what “nice” — the Politicker’s word of the day — means in Iowa:

“‘A poll by Victory Enterprises found only 2 percent of the 400 people questioned [in Iowa] would vote for Pataki,’ reports the Albany Times Union.

“Rudy clocked in at 15.3 percent.

“Both also made the top five for having favorable name recognition among the GOP’s 2008 possibles.

Pataki: 27
McCain: 44
Newt: 50
Rudy: 66
Condi: 80

“Conclusion: ‘[W]hile most Iowa residents wouldn’t vote for him if their state’s presidential caucuses were held now, they think [Pataki] is a nice guy.'” “Nice” in Iowa