Page Six: Why Won’t The Dead Just Stay Dead?

Today’s Page Six reports on an embarrassing gaffe on Senate candidate Jeanine Pirro’s campaign website:

[T]he site’s “photo gallery” shows a picture of would-be Senator Pirro with pioneering African-American actor Ossie Davis and correctly notes that he’s deceased, it also displays a photo of Pirro with “Lou Rudin” and describes him as the “chairman of the Association for a Better New York.” Trouble is, Lew Rudin, the famed civic benefactor and one of the founders of ABNY back in 1991, hasn’t headed the group in some time — because he died in 2001


That’s pretty bad! Then again, the photo didn’t show Rubin dining with Brandon Tartikoff at Mr. Chow or partying with Jam Master Jay at Crobar, so it wasn’t a complete fiasco.

–Matt Haber Page Six: Why Won’t The Dead Just Stay Dead?