Pass the Hollandaise, Paul Steiger!

If you enjoy “Personal Journal,” it’s time for Extremely Personal Journal: The Wall Street Journal is promoting its very, very upcoming Weekend Edition with a contest inviting readers to win brunch with actual living Journal employees.

“Subscribers now have a rare opportunity to enter for a chance to dine with one of nine Wall Street Journal writers, editors or top executives–the people responsible for guiding and publishing the paper every day,” say house ads on the paper’s op-ed page and Web site.

The ads present, in signature hedcut portrait style, pictures of a dim sum cart’s worth of options: fashion reporter Teri Agins, wine columnists John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter (a joint entry), personal finance reporter Jonathan Clements, editorial page editor Paul Gigot, publisher Karen Elliott House, travel reporter Laura Landro, film critic Joe Morgenstern (who will join a reader at a matinee), technology columnist Walt Mossberg and managing editor Paul Steiger.

In the we’ll-do-anything-to-deliver-the-Weekend Edition spirit, the participating Journal members are supposed to travel to the winners’ hometowns for the meal. Besides the nine winners of the one-on-one meals (one-on-two for oenophiles), one grand-prize winner will be awarded brunch with all nine choices.

But what do Journal staffers like to eat over brunch?

“An omlette with Swiss cheese,” Mossberg said by phone on August 11. “Oh, and homefries and toast, too.”

“I don’t eat brunch,” Agins said. “I eat Grape Nuts for breakfast. What do people eat for brunch, quiche? I’d like something light, like a quiche and a salad.”

Gabriel Sherman

Pass the Hollandaise, Paul Steiger!