Pirro’s Rivals

John Spencer and Ed Cox appeared on Fred Dicker’s show up in Albany this morning, working to remind people that the Republican Senate nomination isn’t settled, whatever we starstruck reporters think.

Spencer was folksy and combative, touting his status as a veteran — “I know the scars of a divided nation” — and addressing gay marriage in rather perplexing fashion: “I’m dignified in that i respect the idea of civil unions.”

Um, OK.

Cox put on the record something we’d heard from people around him for a while: that the Governor once told him he was a better candidate than Jeanine Pirro.

“The governor said, ‘Look there’s you and there’s Jeanine Pirro…. You’re the best candidate for the Senate.'”

He went a little farther on abortion than he has in the past, saying that “Roe v. Wade was badly decided,” and that he’s “pro-life,” but declining to take a position on a national abortion ban.”

He also went after Pirron on her abortion stance. “To flip-flop on a moral issue … is political death,” he said. Pirro’s Rivals