Protecting Pirro

Jeanine Pirro‘s death by a thousands cuts drumroll to her announcment that she’ll be seeking some statewide office continues in the the Journal News, which noted that her chauffeur/bodyguard is on pace to being the highest paid employee in Westchester.

“[James] O’Donnell had made $87,430 in OT through Thursday on top of his regular $10,460 salary, which would bring his total pay to about $248,000 by Dec. 31 – or $46,000 more than Westchester Community College President Joseph Hankin – if the overtime accumulates at the same pace.

“If O’Donnell does continue to put in the extra hours, Pirro – who makes $136,000 herself – will have spent 58 percent of all the overtime she budgeted for her 237-member office on her driver
and bodyguard.” Protecting Pirro