Rasiej Roundup

Andrew Rasiej is leaping from the computer monitor to the TV screen, with a pair of new commercials set to air on NY1.

There’s an amusing moment in the second one. He says: “Imagine signs on subway and bus stops, telling us when the next train or bus is going to arrive.” He gestures behind him, where the current sign is… a lighting-fisted Rasiej campaign poster.

Other recent Rasiej-related news:

He did an ad buy this week on Flavorpill, NYC’s list of clublife and other hipster happenings. And, as a Politicker commenter mentioned, he’s been guest-blogging at TPMCafe since Monday.

He’s everywhere!

In the CFB standings: Rasiej received $547,580 from in matching funds today; Betsy took in $114,912 (total: $975,555), and Norm walked away with $44,924 (total: $596,011). Rasiej Roundup