Red Hook Watch: Tomorrow’s Million-Dollar Two-Bedrooms Today!

127 coffeyCoffey Street, between Van Brunt and Conover streets, in Red Hook, is in the midst of a multi-building makeover, with buildings Nos. 127, 128 and 129 getting major renovations. (Well, they were: No. 127 has a cluster of stop-work orders taped onto its front door. According to the D.O.B. Web site, the contractors were working with an expired interior-alterations work permit.

129 coffeyNo. 129 is listed at the D.O.B. as owned by Neighborhood Restore, a nonprofit entity that assumes interim ownership of tax-foreclosed properties, tidies them up and transfers them to qualified buyers selected by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

The Real Estate called Neighborhood Restore, but no one picked up. We gleaned the following from the D.O.B. Web site: The renovation will cost $156,000, and it’ll convert the existing four units into three, with a total of 3,793 square feet. Note to interested buyers: get moving now!

128 coffeyNo. 128, built, according to a placard on its side, sits across the street from No. 127 and 129, making this stretch of Coffey Street ripe for down-on-their-heels Manhattan real-estate refugees. Plans for this building include renovating it to accommodate four families, and the construction of a three-story extension in the back lot. Not long ago, The Real Estate was invited to a theatrical production that was staged in a neighboring rear yard. We hope that this extension doesn’t mess up any sight lines!

This stretch of Red Hook is bound to become hot property (like it ain’t already). In addition to the several restaurants and bars nearby (including Sunny’s, right around the corner), a Fairway will open soon (or eventually). These buildings are on a tree-lined cobblestone street, giving it a small-town vibe in a nabe that can be a little intimidating with all its warehouses and heavy industry. Plus, they’re right down the street from the swastika building!
—Matthew Grace

Red Hook Watch: Tomorrow’s Million-Dollar Two-Bedrooms Today!