Road to City Maul

Yes, I’m subjecting you to another another horrible, ear-grating pun. But according to a Politicker reader who tuned into Road to City Hall last night, reps for Freddy and Mike really tore each other up on the show:

“It was the most horrible, excruciating thing I’ve ever seen,” he writes. “Dominic was completely overwhelmed and couldn’t get a word in edgewise – clearly, his predictably un-feisty chat a few moments beforehand with Ed Koch and Mark Green had not prepared him for this heinous, blathering tete-a-tete…it was like a middle school election debate at a school for children with anger management problems.”

I’ve been in a bit of a deadline thicket (that accounts for my slowish posting pace here; all apologies; it is temporary), and I missed it. Was anyone else watching? Road to City Maul