Somebody for Governor: Weld, Golisano, or Parsons?

The stirrings around the Republican nomination to face, probably, Eliot Spitzer, are growing, and it looks like a three-way contest: Tom Golisano, Bill Weld, and some wild-card tycoon — in the wildest fantasies of GOP insiders, make it Time Warner CEO Dick Parsons.

First, here’s some unexpected news from the AP:

Tom Golisano says he just spoke to John McCain: “He was very personable and said the Republican Party could use people like me, and that he’d love to have me as a candidate [for governor].”

An odd, deliberately-placed story that makes it sound like Golisano is feeling a little heat from Weld’s increasingly serious mutterings.

And the Parsons notion is not as farfetched as it sounds. Running Time Warner isn’t as fun as it once was. And Parsons came up in New York State politics, as an aide to the original Rockefeller Republican, Nelson Rockefeller.

Somebody for Governor: Weld, Golisano, or Parsons?