Spencer’s Support

This site doesn’t usually get into the details of the Upstate arm of the Conservative Party, but this one is too weird to pass up.

Senate Candidate John Spencer, the former Yonkers Mayor who likes to use the word LIBERAL a lot, put out a press release the other day claiming the support of eight Conservative Party leaders.

One was “Dick Dean, Yates County Conservative Party Chairman.”

Problem is, there is no evidence that such a person exists, and he’s certainly not the a Conservative Party activist. Apparently nobody of that name even registered to the Conservative Party.

“I haven’t heard of the guy,” Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long, who ought to know, told The Politicker.

(Spencer didn’t immediately return a call seeking an explanation of the endorsement.)

UPDATE: Spencer aide Christian Winthrop tells us the guy’s name is actually Dick Reagan, and that the error has been corrected. Dean, Reagan, an easy mistake to make. Spencer’s Support